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The Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation (RIJC) is an egalitarian, progressive, friendly and fun synagogue founded in 1976. Our congregation is dedicated to providing Jewish spiritual support and renewed Jewish knowledge to all who seek it, as well as a strong Jewish community in and for the neighborhood.


Everyone in the community is welcome to join us at our High Holiday, Shabbat and Festival Services and social events. Our members include singles and couples, seniors and families with young children, people of many national origins and religious backgrounds.


Shabbat worship services are held on Friday nights at 7 pm; with occasional earlier or later start times if a special event is planned, approximately twice per month. Services are followed by a community Shabbat dinner or Oneg, either at our place of prayer or in the homes of members of the congregation.  And once per month, there is a community Shabbat dinner at 6pm.

In addition to Shabbat services, holiday celebrations and Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Rabbi Shaiman teaches two series of Adult Education classes in the winter and spring.

We encourage all in the community to join us for High Holiday, Sabbath and Festival Services and enjoy the company of your neighbors on Roosevelt Island.  Information about Shabbat services, holiday celebrations and programs is posted on our Coming Up page. For more information, use our Contact Us page or email

The RIJC continues its long tradition of offering adult education classes.

Please join us for three sessions of learning and discussion on 21st Century Zionism.

After nationwide elections in April and then again in September, citizens of the State of Israel

may be headed to the voting booth for a third time this coming March.   In the government’s parliamentary system, the elected members of the Knesset and their party leaders have not (yet!) been able to create a coalition representing a majority of the members.   If they don’t figure it out by Hanukkah, political ads will begin again!


Session Three will be on December 16th at 7:30p.

Special Shabbat Start time Friday, December 20th at 6:00p

Our annual All-Congregation Chanukah Candle-Lighting & Party will be Sunday December 22nd. 

The Torah Fund

Honor the Memory of Family Members of Loved Ones: Your Generous Donation Could-

  • Contribute toward the reparation of our Holocaust Memorial Torah

  • Sponsor a new cover for our Bima

Our Torahs have been examined and restored by Sofer Neil Yerman

For further information please contact Judith Berdy @ 212-688-4836 or Nina Lublin @ 212-688-0003