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Laurie Gold, Rabbi.          Nina Lublin, President.   


Spring has arrived!  With all the variable weather conditions we’ve come to expect.  Unseasonably warm one day & freezing the next... Early blooms one day & frozen tundra the next...  All we can do is dress appropriately & think positively.  Especially after a few huge rain & windstorms, an earthquake, and and eclipse all in the space of one week.


We continue to monitor the activity and conditions in Israel and the Middle East, as well as turmoil here.  Thank You to those of you who have recently participated in-person or on-line in several conferences on Antisemitism sponsored by the Streicker Center and the Anti-Defamation League.


We continue to welcome back our neighbors & friends from their many worldly travels and look forward to their sharing of their adventures with us.


** SHABBAT SHALOM for this Friday, April 19.

Our NEXT Shabbat service is THIS Friday, April 19th, at 7:00 pm in our Sanctuary in the Cultural Center.  We will engage in a little Passover Prep.  We hope all is well with all of you and your families & friends. We continue to welcome home our many travelers and extend good wishes and get well thoughts to a few of you.

Our remaining Service dates are on the Coming Up page, along with our Zoom link.


A huge Thank You & Message of Appreciation to Judy Berdy, Steve Silverstein and Angela & Howard Schwartz, who attended the Temple Emanuel event this past Sunday, April 7.  This special gathering of rescued Czech Torahs, coordinated by the MST in London, brought together over 80 Torahs from Synagogues in the greater NY metropolitan area.  Judy and her family brought our  rescued Torah many years ago.  You can see a video, pictures, and an article about the celebration by clicking on this link.


Wishing all of you, your families & friends a Happy Passover & a Zissen Pesach, which begins Monday evening, April 22.  Some of you will be traveling, so we wish you safe & easy travels.  Some of you may be alone, while others of you might have room at your  Seder for one more person.  If you are in either of these categories, please let Nina know so we can make a match ...



Our Winter / Spring semester of Hebrew School is underway.  Thank you to Michal M, Avital, & Dalia L. for their wonderful work, & to our dedicated children & their families. More details are on our Hebrew School Page here at



We always appreciate your presence at our Shabbat services, holiday celebrations, adult learning, Hebrew School, dinners & special events.  Your generous financial support — whether joining the RIJC for the first time, renewing your membership, or making donations ensures the services of our Rabbi, our presence in our Sanctuary in the Cultural Center, & so much more

Now is the right time to visit the Membership Info page at & support your RIJC via the PayPal link, or by writing a check made out to the Roosevelt Island Jewish Congregation & mailing it to RIJC P.O. Box 241 Island Station New York, NY 10044.  

Suggestions & Questions always welcome & appreciated.

Looking Forward ...


Rabbi Gold

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