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We wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy 2022-2023 and 5782-5783

The RIJC continues to serve the community through In-Person services, classes and a variety of activities, and continues to offer its Zoom option as well.

Please check your email or this site for updated information, and make sure you are on our Contact List.


Please join us to welcome Shabbat on Friday evenings at 7:00pm in our Sanctuary, the Small Studio in the Roosevelt Island Cultural Center, and/or via our Zoom option.

January 27th — Via Zoom


February 10th — Via Zoom

February 24th — In Person and Via Zoom


March 10th — Via Zoom

March 24th — In Person and Via Zoom


April 14th — In Person and Via Zoom

April 21st — Via Zoom


May and June dates, times & locations to be announced.

ZOOM Information —          

Here is the link for Friday Night Services: 


Meeting ID: 849 1761 5726


Dial by your location

        +1 646 931 3860 US

        +1 646 558 8656 US


Below is the link for the Friday Night Sim Shalom Siddur:

 Friday Night Sim Shalom Siddur

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Thank You to everyone who joined us for all 3 sessions of “What They Are Saying About Us”, and especially to Rabbi Joel, who led us in the most spirited discussion during our 3rd session, exploring the 1960’s writings of Norman Podhoretz & James Baldwin on Black — Jewish relations back then & even earlier, leading up to issues today of racism & Antisemitism.

We are leaving up the session descriptions and links to the readings, in case you’d like to take another look or share with family & friends.



Former President Donald Trump, rapper and fashion icon Kanye (Ye) West, Brooklyn Net Kyrie Irving and Rebbeca Mastriano (wife of the Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, Doug) have all recently had a lot to say about the Jews.   What did they say, what do they mean, and why are they saying these things?   Please join us for three sessions as we explore the ways that others view the Jews, and process ways to respond, in both thought and action.


Session One:  Lost in Translation  

An introduction to the ways that English and Christianity have impacted both the ways that others see Jews, and the ways we Jews see ourselves.


For Session One, please read this article from Tablet Magazine.    What did you learn that surprised you?   Do you disagree with any of the author’s assertions?


Session Two:   A Rabbi Learns the Gospel   

Rabbi Joel will teach from the Book of Luke, and share a bit his experiences from his Bible study sessions with the Vicar and community of St. Peter’s at the Light Episcopal Church in Long Beach Island, NJ.


Session Three:  Communities in Distress: Blacks and Jews*     

We will take a look at the state of relations between Jews and Blacks in America in the 20th century and compare it to the situation today.   What has changed and why?  What does it say about us Jews?   (NB: many Blacks identify as Jews, as well as visa versa.  We’ll discuss this too!)


For Session Three, please read these two seminal articles from the 1960s authored by Norman Podhoretz (1963)  and James Baldwin (1967) .


Sunday, February 5th at 5:30 pm in the Rivercross Community Room / 531 Main

Rabbi Joel will lead us, once again, as we celebrate the Festival of the Trees with a special Seder for everyone.  Additional information coming very soon via Email & here on our website.


Join Rabbi Joel, in his latest costume and his spirited leading of our Purim celebration, on Monday, March 6th, in the Sanctuary/Small Studio & Large one, too (exact start time to be announced).

It’s not too soon to think about your costume, your role in the new Purimsphiel, volunteering to read the Megillah & tell them story of Esther & Haman, share Hamentashen & more. 

Casting call and volunteer invitation coming very soon via Email & website updates.

COVID-19 Compliance and Guidance-

As of September 1, 2022, Please Note:

In the RIOC-operated Cultural Center, face coverings/masks are still required in all public areas, such as lobbies and hallways & restrooms.  When a group is in one of the Studios, the Theatre or activity rooms, participants may remove their face coverings

or masks.  Vaccinations are still required.

When the RIJC meets in other spaces, or outdoors, face coverings/masks are optional, especially if physical distancing is not possible.  Additional information will be provided.

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