We joyously gather to pray together in the RIJC Sanctuary, transmitting our love of Judaism throughout our congregation. People of all ages are welcome to join our children and family oriented Shabbat celebration.

Services are throughout the year on Friday nights and once a month we hold Family Services.  Rabbi Shaiman joins us and inspires us with new insights and beautiful melodies.  Service start times vary throughout the year, giving everyone a chance to join us when the time if right for you.  And we have added more services geared toward families and young children, please see the schedule for more information.

Services are followed by an Oneg Shabbat, (kosher--dairy or pareve). All events and service information is updated on our site and emailed to our contact list.  To be on our list or for any other information, please contact us or feel free to worship with us.

Shabbat Services:  

Friday evening programs will begin at 6 pm with a “schmooze”, with services/Torah study at 6:15 pm.

Friday, November 20
Friday, December 4
Friday, December 18

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Havdalah:  Saturday Evenings  

(5:45 pm) - Please join us to say good-bye to Shabbat and, if we have a minyan, we’ll read a text and say Mourner’s Kaddish.

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Hanukkah this year begins on Thursday evening December 10.   We plan on lighting the menorah together as a community (outdoors) one weeknight during the holiday.   Details forthcoming.


1.  A Virtual Tour of Jewish Montreal - Tuesday, November 24 (7:30 - 8:45 pm)  


Rabbi Joel will speak with Stanley Asher, the father of RIJC member Beth Asher, about the history of the Jews of Montreal, one of the oldest and most populous Jewish communities in Canada.   

Dating back to the 18th century, the city has a mix of both Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews, and over the next 250 years, it grew and evolved as Jews arrived in several waves, with immigrants from Eastern Europe,  

the former French colonies in the Middle East and North Africa, and elsewhere.   Rabbi Joel will interview Mr. Asher, with a focus on comparing and contrasting the Montreal Jewish experience with that of the community of New York and America.  

Mr. Asher has been active in radio for the past 40 years, most recently as Vice President of CJRS Radio Shalom 1650 AM, and he is the co-director of the film series “Montreal Jewish Memories”.  

After retiring from teaching for 33 years at John Abbot College, Mr. Asher led walking tours of “Jewish Montreal” and also led study groups at McGill University’s Institute for Lifelong Learning.  


2.  Building Jewish Community on Shabbat:  The Halachah and Sociology of the Eruv - Tuesdays, December 8 and 22 (7:30 - 8:45 pm)  


Rabbi Joel and RIJC member Susan Lees will lead two sessions that will explain and discuss the concept of an eruv, an urban area enclosed by a wire boundary which symbolically extends the private domain of Jewish households into public areas, permitting activities (notably “carrying”) within it that are normally forbidden in public on Shabbat.    The eruv is a fascinating example of how rabbinic thinking and theology was shaped by the social dynamics of Jewish communities, both in ancient times and in our present day.    

Susan is an Emeritus Faculty member in the Department of Anthropology at CUNY, and is the author of two articles about eruvim, from both Jewish and sociological perspectives.   After discussing the history of the eruv, Rabbi Joel and Susan will lead a discussion about some recent controversies about eruvim in the New York area that demonstrates how the concept relates to Jewish identity, practice and belonging in a modern, pluralistic secular state.  

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