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We wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy 2023-2024 and 5783-5784

The RIJC continues to serve the community through In-Person services, classes and a variety of activities, and continues to offer its Zoom option as well.

Please check your email or this site for updated information, and make sure you are on our Contact List.


All Shabbat services, unless otherwise noted, will be held at 7:00 pm, in our Sanctuary / Small Studio in the Cultural Center, led by our Rabbi, Laurie Gold. Additional details, specifics & updated to be posted here and sent via Email.

June 7:  Services in the Sanctuary immediately followed by a special Oneg hosted by the Levanon Seligson family In honor of Dalia’s high school graduation. Location to be announced.

June 21: Location to be announced

Zoom Link for Services:


Hebrew School continues, through May 30th, led by Michal, Avital & Dalia. A special “End of Year” celebration will be held in conjunction with Shavuot. Details coming.

Please visit our Hebrew School Page for additional information.


Join us on Tuesday, June 11th to celebrate the holiday — the Feast of Weeks, along with the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai — with some study, reading the Book of Ruth, & sharing delicious dairy foods...A special activity with the Hebrew School is also planned.

Exact location, time & details coming soon.


We will continue to offer hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, as well as masks & face-coverings at all RIJC activities.  While we do not require masks be worn at RIJC events, we ask that you respect the well-being of your friends & neighbors as well as your own

& wear a mask when social distancing is not possible.  And it’s OK to stay home if you are not feeling well ... and join us on Zoom.

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